What is important for me, is important ‘only’ for me.

Have you every been in a situation when there is a matter of urgency that no one really understands. Something like a matter of ‘Life and Death’  for you. During those few moments every  fraction of a second seems like an hour or longer. Also, if there is  dependency on people to act or react for  a resolution and no one seems to realize or understand the complexity that you are in, the state of mind can only be imagined but not explained.

This real reason for this is  ‘What is important for me, is important only for me’. For most others its just another item in the que (workwise) or just another matter where some one is making some noise so that his/her issue can be resolved but its not important or urgent.  So why is it that it is so urgent for me but not you; probably because:

1. Its my reputation at stake not yours (person A is facing the client so person B is not as sensitive to situation as you are)

2. Its probably for the first time for me (but the other person has dealt with this many a times and hence not so serious)

But if you are working in an high pressure environment how do you deal with this situation?

1) Bring the other person to level where you are, if your answer is   ‘Yes” , do you think the other person will understand the pressure you are facing or but does it make sense to sensitize the other person on these issues?

2)  Go down to the level where the other person is (but then what about the client or the issue). If you start thinking this way there is no issue in the first place (food for thought).



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